Truck Rim Reconditioning

Powder Coating a WheelJireh’s Rim Reconditioning service is now better than ever! You know how well our treads handle the toughest jobs–now we are just as tough on rims too. Jireh can recap your casing, and restore your rim with a tough new finish as well.

After your rim is picked up for reconditioning, we begin with heat cleaning each rim. Heat cleaning removes all of the old layers of paint and efficiently destroys any grease, oils, and road tar which may have accumulated on the surface or imbedded into the weld seam.

Next, we shot blast the rim which cleans the ash and rust from the metal surface. At this time, we’ll inspect the rim for cracks or any defect which may make your rim unsafe to return to service. Then we inspect the bead surface, to make certain there are no issues which could affect tire pressure after mounting.

After your rim is checked, we wash the rim in an alkaline cleaning solution which removes more loose soil from the rim to reveal clean, bare steel. The rim is rinsed, and then a chemical conversion coating is applied to help prevent corrosion and prepare the rim for excellent coating adhesion.

After the rim is rinsed again, it is dried and the powder coating is applied. The coating is then baked to a beautiful new Road Tough Finish. Visit us soon, and see for yourself how tough we can be.